Key Personnel

Perkins Engineering-

Todd Perkins, P.E. / S.E. – Project Manager   Todd is committed to a high quality design and takes responsibility for driving the schedule and leading the team to meet the project goals while minimizing costs. Todd has 20 years of engineering experience including:

  • project management
  • intersection design and safety improvements
  • signal & lighting design
  • roadway design
  • striping & signing design
  • roadway and roadside safety design
  • maintenance of traffic & construction phasing analysis
  • value engineering and practical design
  • environmental documentation & public involvement
  • drainage design
  • utility engineering and coordination
  • right of way acquisition – design support.

Todd specializes in the management and design of UDOT and local government roadway projects. As a project manager, he has delivered numerous federally funded local government projects utilizing the UDOT design and advertising process. Linkedin

Elizabeth Droge, P.E. – Lead Design Engineer / QC/QA Lead.  For the past 10 years Elizabeth has worked on a broad range of UDOT projects. Her experience includes designing freeways and arterial roadways. She has a full understanding of the UDOT design process. Elizabeth specializes in preparing PS&E packages for advertisement. She has expert knowledge of UDOT, AASHTO, and MUTCD design standards. She has excellent organizational skills, documents the QC process, and prepares high quality plan sets. She has been a project engineer on numerous UDOT projects, preparing plans for roadway, signing, striping, and signals.

Cathy Romero, P.E. – Hydraulics Engineer

Jason Klophaus, S.E. – Structural Engineer

Michael Butler, EIT – Roadway Design Engineer

Marcy Perkins – Office Manager